Here's The Hyundai Accent for You

Compact cars maintain a base of fans in the consumer market. The Hyundai Accent, in particular, stands out as a beloved small vehicle. Many reasons exist for the model’s popularity. The top features contribute to its appeal. Here are two top ones to check out:

A unique proximity key makes things easier for a driver. Instead of looking for your keys and inserting one into the lock, click a button and the doors open. Also, a special start button on the keys gets the engine going. All these added convenience features make life easier for the driver.

Another benefit exists that might not be available with other manufacturers. A vehicle health maintenance report can be sent to and owner. After reviewing the report, the owner knows what service the model may soon require.

Is the Hyundai accent the right car for you? Take it on a test drive in Grand Rapids thanks to Fox Hyundai to find out.



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