The Hyundai Veloster Interior Upgrade

The Veloster remains popular with people who prefer the cost-effective benefits of owning a compact car. But, being smaller does not mean having to sacrifice amenities. The interior features of the latest models offer a number of advantages. See the newest models by visiting our Fox Hyundai destination. Enjoy taking a Veloster for a test drive.

The leather-wrapped steering wheel comes standard and provides drivers with all of the vehicle's control at their fingertips. Set the cruise control or operate the infotainment system along with changing gears by using the paddle shifters. The driver also has the benefit of a heads-up display, which provides instrument panel information on the windshield. In this way, the driver need not divert their eyes from the road yet see the information they need at a glance.

The compact Veloster additionally features a wide and expansive powered-sunroof that enhances the view for all of the vehicle's occupants.


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