Why Are Summer Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

The tire crew here at Fox Hyundai wanted us to pass on the following information about choosing the right tires this season. All-season tires are not ideal for the summer months, summer tires will actually help improve handling, grip, and cornering.

The unique tread patterns of the summer tires were designed to increase handling in various road conditions. One in particular, when the roads are wet. Rain is pushed to the side of the tires and helps reduce the chance of you losing control of your vehicle.

The grooves you see in the all-season tires have their purpose, and less on the summer tires is preferred because you need more of that tread on the road when it gets hot in order to come to a stop sooner when braking.

This is the perfect time to visit Fox Hyundai and let our team inspect your tires and replace them with new summer tires if needed.
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