Be Smart and Protect Your Vehicle By Keeping Your Gas Tank Full in the Winter

It just makes sense to take advantage of commonsense practices to protect your vehicle. One of those good ideas is to keep your gas tank as full as possible during the winter. Rumors that claim that you will get better gas mileage if you keep the gas low in your tank are certainly bogus.

In fact, if you run with a near-empty tank you may be jeopardizing the well-being of your vehicle, especially during the winter months. When we keep our tank low, there is more air in the tank. There is usually moisture in the air which will have a better chance of causing condensation that can travel up the fuel line. In the cold the condensation can freeze in the fuel line, possibly causing difficulty in starting your car and its overall operation.

Keep your tank more than half-full as much as possible. Form the habit of periodically adding small amounts of gas from time to time, and you will protect your car from harm.
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