Testing out the 3,000-mile oil change myth

There are drivers out there that are under the impression that they still have to have their oil changed every 3,000 miles. These drivers spend their money and their valuable time at service centers more frequently than they need to.

The 3,000-mile rule is a myth if you have a car that was produced within the past twenty years. The easiest way to test this rule is to look at the sticker that is on your windshield from your last oil change. Note the mileage and then look at your odometer and calculate how many miles it has been since your last change. Then, you can simply check your vehicle's oil dipstick and look at the oil level and the condition/color of the oil. Chances are the color of the oil will still be somewhat light and that the level will be full.

We here at Fox Hyundai located in Grand Rapids want to inform you that we can change your oil every 7,500-10,000 miles as recommended.
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