When Do You Need To Get A New Car Battery?

Your car battery doesn't just power the headlights and the radio. Your car itself won't start without a working battery. Car batteries recharge every time you drive and will usually last many years if you take care of them well. They still need to be replaced every now and then, however.

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How To Tell Your Battery Is Going Bad

If you're trying to start your car and notice a slow or weak start, chances are the battery is dying. You might also hear a weak horn noise when you honk it or possibly experience dimmer headlights. Other bad battery signs might be noticed if you open the hood and see corrosion coming from the battery.

We Will Replace Dead Batteries

When you suspect your battery's dying, you should seek professional help to replace it. Schedule an appointment with the service center at Fox Hyundai in Grand Rapids, MI. Our experienced staff has the tools and experience to help you with any maintenance issue you might have.

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