Maintain Your Car After Your Check Engine Light Came On

A check engine light can be serious. It means that something's going wrong under your hood. Anything from worn spark plugs or a faulty gas cap can make your car's engine light come on. But how important is it to check that engine light and what happens if you don't?

Today's vehicles are smart. Your car's check engine light is a sensor that detects when your car is not in tip-top performance. These performance issues can seem minor at first. If you let them grow into something larger, however, they can become complex problems that can cost thousands to repair.

Keeping your vehicle's maintenance up to date will ensure your vehicle runs at optimal performance, reducing additional engine wear and tear. If you need help or have a concern about your engine, get in touch with the service center at Fox Hyundai in Grand Rapids, MI. We can help you with any issues you might be having.

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